About the Temple

History Behind Temple:

1990, Spring – Sanatan Dharma Mandir of Florida was informally established. Weekly services were held under a tree in Kissimmee Florida. The intention was to eventually build a temple on that land that the congregation could attend in comfort. This never materialized due to a lack of funding and membership.

1990, Winter – Service began being held in an unused bar owned by a member of the congregation. It became utilized out of necessity due to the eventuality of lower temperatures and inclement weather.

1991, Spring – Moved temple to Apopka Vineland into the garage of a congregation member. In the winter the garage became inconvenient because of the temperature and we were forced to move to another location.

1992, Fall – Temple moved to a member’s vacant home in Hiawassee, FL until the summer of ‘93.

1995, Summer – Most congregation members lived in Kissimmee and the commute was too far to Hiawassee. Since this was inconvenient, the temple was moved back to Kissimmee where weekly service was held in someone’s home.

1997 to Current – Temple was moved to 1225 Abberton Drive in an extension constructed behind the home of the priest. Service is still being held there on a weekly basis and for other major religious observations. Once the location was settled here, the congregation gradually began to increase.

2005 – Land at 3473 Boggy Creek Road was purchased at an earlier time and [RR1] building began in 2005.

2019 – The foundation for the entire structure was laid and the dining hall completed construction.